Arteck 800A Peak Portable Car Jump Starter

Arteck 800A Peak Portable Car Jump Starter








Multiple charging options



  • Jump starts cars up to 6.0L Petrol
  • Jump starts cars up to 4.0L Diesel
  • Charges smartphones and tablets


  • None

Capable of jump starting a 5.0L petrol or 4.0L Diesel car. That is the claim of the Arteck 800A Peak Portable Car Jump Starter so we thought we would give it a try.

The 2019/20 winter in the UK has been wet to say the least. So the thought of getting a classic car (Mercedes R129 SL 500) out of the garage had little appeal. On the day the sun decided to shine in March the car failed to start. With the car reversed in tight to the back wall of the garage and with barely enough room to open the drivers door, a flat battery was unwelcome.

The last time this happened I had my teenage daughter push the car while I steered the car out of the garage. I didn’t trust her with the brakes, at least that was my excuse. I had to use a donor car to jump start the SL, which worked but was a pain with having to locate the donor car next to the SL.

On this occasion there had to be a better, modern solution to this problem I exclaimed. A quick search for ‘Jump Starter’ into the search engine answered my prayers with a selection of modern day devices.

I chose the Arteck 800A Peak Portable Car Jump Starter over many others due to its size and the claim that it can jump start a 6.0L car. A day later it arrived. Long story short it worked and it worked first time.

Avoid the need for breakdown service call outs and have one of these in your preparedness arsenal.

The jump starter needs to be charged fully to begin with, which was done in a couple of hours. After which I followed the simple instructions provided and was able to jump start the car first time. This charger is amazing and comes with a useful case. Highly recommended.

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