Best place to park in Hoddesdon? Haslewood Avenue

Haslewood Avenue Parking Space


Short Stay and Long Stay


Family and Disability Parking


4x4 and Supercar Friendly


Easy to enter and exit


Car park hazard


Is this particular spot in Haslewood Avenue (EN11 8HT) the best place to park in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire? This large parking space is located on Haslewood Avenue and provides a 1 hour parking bay. A short two to three minute walk takes you into the town centre, which includes Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and many eateries nearby.

Haslewood Avenue is a one-way street with many parking spaces that are often available throughout the day. This particularly space is adjacent to St Catherines School and offers sufficient space for vehicles up to a van in size. For passenger vehicles such as cars it provides a ample space to the front and rear.

What to look out for?

  • This parking space is on a one-way system accessed via the A1170, just off Burford Street
  • The Haslewood runs alongside a school and therefore may be busy during school runs
  • It is only a 1 hour parking bay with a 2 hour no return

Ideal for Supercars

Supercar, 4×4 drivers and those that are OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) about there cars will be pleased to know that the large space offered by this parking bay allows for easy parking of the most challenging of super cars. There are parallel kerbs to the nearside of the vehicle and angled kerbs to the front and rear. But the kerbs are not too high so it should be easy to avoid scratching your alloy wheels. For right-hand drive cars exiting the vehicle is easy with no danger of cars opening their door on to yours to damage your car.

Large parking bay in Haslewood Avenue, Hoddesdon

The best place to park in Hoddesdon? Possibly, it is certainly a good place to park if you can get it.

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