Car Buying Review

Your car buying review matters. For some buying a new or pre-loved car should be as good an experience as buying a house, a Chanel handbag or a Rolex watch. As the excitement builds overtime, what you don’t expect at the end is a let down in the form of poor customer service.

Your review matters to other motorists as much as it matters to the motoring industry. Please feel free to share your independent review representing your car buying experience.

Car buying should be a pleasant and positively, memorable experience. You should be under no pressure and feel no anxiety. If you do, walk away and find another salesperson or dealership. Your honest car buying review will help many others with their car buying decision.

If you are about to purchase a new or pre-loved car / vehicle, do your research online for car buying tips.

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Your review will have the biggest impact if it is honest, constructive and detailed so other motorists can benefit. Please avoid violent or inappropriate language; and comments that cannot be proven.
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Car park considerations for your review:

Initial contact – Were you greeted as a customer or a cash cow? Did you sample the delights of car dealership coffee? Did you leave feeling valued and that your considerations for a car were understood?

Level of professionalism – Did your Sales Executive make you feel at ease? Were your questions and queries answered convincingly? Did they employ any car selling tactics such as ‘limited time offer’ or ‘perfect timing’?

Car discount – Were you able to negotiate? Did you receive a satisfactory discount? Did they have to speak to the manager?

Timeliness – Throughout your buying experience did you receive a prompt and efficient service? Were you left waiting for long periods of time

Overall experience – Did the car buying experience meet or exceed your expectations? Ultimately, did you get the car you desired at the price you were prepared to pay?

There are some great car dealerships with some great car sales people. Your car buying review will help to identify the hidden gems and highlight the unscrupulous car dealerships to avoid. As a motorist your review matters and is very important to car dealerships and the car industry.

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