Car Park Review

Finding a car park or a place to leave your car temporarily or for an extended period should be easy. A car park should not fill you with dread or anxiety. Whether you drive a super car in London or Monaco, an SUV in our towns and cities or a classic pride and joy where we park is important.

Please feel free to share and review your recommended car park. We all want to avoid kerb damage, damage to doors in multi-storey car parks and unexplained dents from shopping trips. And we can by sharing our experience both good and bad so others can benefit.

Many of us take car parks for granted, excepting sub-standard services, high prices and low quality. We expect and deserve more. Your input and collaboration will help to drive up the standards we expect from the humble car park.

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Car park considerations for your review:

Street Parking – Are the kerbs high? Is the parking space safe and well lit. Is there a time limit? Are there aggressively diligent traffic wardens to contend with?

Ease of entry – How easy is it to get into the car park? Are there huge kerbs waiting to devour your alloy wheels?

Ease of exit – Were you able to drive straight out or did you have to enter your ticket? Were there clear signs to exit the car park?

Multi-Storey Car Park – What does it offer? Are their toilets, lifts, sufficient parking for families and those with accessibility needs. Is it safe with good lighting, cameras and security?

Dimensions – Are the spaces a tight squeeze? Are there pillars to contend with when you open your car doors? Is their sufficient height for SUV’s and 4×4 vehicle’s? Will your lower bumper hit speed humps or inclines?

Use our car park review to share your favourite place to park your vehicle and help others. For some the anxiety of parking in unfamiliar places can be a determining factor in whether to use their car for unknown journeys. Let us share our car park reviews and highlight those hidden gems and the not so safe locations, where you wouldn’t dare leave your car.

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