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Why your voice matters

As with most industries the motoring industry takes the voice of the customer very seriously. There advertising and sales depend on repeat customers.  Which is why your voice matters. 

A great review can attract  more customers.  While a bad review can both lose customers and prevent new ones.

There is a direct relationship.  We want the motoring industry to listen to your voice and increase the level of service one step at a time.

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The first step is the most important.  Your honest consumer review as a motorists is valuable.

We are in an age where consumers buy based on star ratings.  Your voice matters and companies know this. 


Analytics & Insights

WheelsMatter provides the platform for both motorists and the motor service industry to come together.

Surveys, polls, product and service reviews all in one place.  


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Become a trusted brand and lead from the front. Display your well earned ratings proudly.  High ranking businesses get better search results.

WheelsMatter reviews can help drive more visitors to your site and through your door.

Your voice matters

How to write an impactful review

If you want your consumer review to be great we have some tips for you.

Make it detailed

Provide as much useful detail as possible. Provide contructive feedback

Honesty is best

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check your spelling

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be respectful

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What Motorists have to Say:

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Johnny McLarty
Specialist Cars BMW Stevenage
default gravatar

I visited Specialist Cars BMW in Stevenage a number of times before I purchased a car. At no point did I feel pressured and was Continue Reading

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