We motorists deserve a better service

This message goes out to all you motorist who like me, consume services from the motoring services industry. We motorists deserve a better service.

Are you able to help identify the areas in the motoring services industry that has let us down when it comes to the level of service we deserve?

This is a call to action to early visitors and adopters of WheelsMatter to have their say in the direction and the content this website will develop. As the site is in its infancy the priority must be to focus on the Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

I will provide a free, simple to use platform to enable you to provide your honest feedback about your motoring service experience. For example, how well were you treated the last time your car was serviced? How well was your car treated? Have you found that perfect place to park to overcome your separation anxiety? Or that car wash that does not wipe your car down with rags that have been on the floor laden with grit?

We motorists deserve a better service. Please use the form below to leave your suggestions.

Thanks and regards.

Johnny F McLarty
Founder & CEO

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Thanks you for taking the time to leave your suggestion. Your input is appreciated and will help to shape and develop the WheelsMatter website. A reminder of the aim; it’s about levelling up the service we expect from the motor servicing industry. That’s why WheelsMatter was created as a consumer review website for motorist, by motorists.